We need your help to restore clean money campaigns through Public Financing.

No one will be able to use public financing again until we win this fight.

Dean Corren at a 2015 press conference about the Vermont Attorney General's lawsuit against his campaign.
Dean Corren’s 2014 press conference calling for extending clean money public financing to all Vermont campaigns. 

Despite a clear law about the use of public financing during a campaign, and a federal ruling that supports the obvious reading of that law, the Vermont Attorney General continues a baseless case, claiming that during his 2014 campaign for Lt. Governor, an email supporting him from the Democratic party chair warrants a $72,000 fine.

Public Financing of campaigns is the cure for elections run by and for the 1%

The good news is that with Bernie Sanders’ campaign showing that small money campaigns can work, the VT legislature’s support for the public alternative to Big Money is stronger than ever.

The great news is that the VT Supreme Court will hear a separate public records case that should result in the release of key emails that show why the AG brought this illegitimate case in the first place.

The bad news is that it will be over three years by the time the case is heard, and legal fees continue to mount.  While we certainly expect to win, and restore the viability of public financing, it has cost us over $36,000 so far.  

So, please join Ben and Jerry and over 100 other Vermonters in supporting Clean Elections in Vermont — We’re almost halfway there!

You can contribute to this effort in 3 ways:

1. Online

paypal-donate-buttondirectly from your credit card or checking account for free via Corren’s PayPal donation site.

2. By Check

please make checks out to “Dean Corren,” with “Public Finance” in the memo and mail to: Dean Corren, 92 Brookes Ave. Burlington, VT  05401.

3.  Contribute to the Clean Elections Project of the Peace & Justice Center

CEP is an allied group of the Peace & Justice Center, with the mission to litigate and educate in promotion of Public Finance of campaigns.  It is a tax-exempt (501c3) organization and contributions are tax-deductible.  Make checks to:

Peace & Justice Center

Clean Elections Project

60 Lake St. Suite 1C

Burlington, VT  05401

Thank you very much for your support of this case to restore and expand public campaign financing.

And … Please spread the word to your friends!


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